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College Route

At college you will put all your attention and energy into one subject, or study programme as we like to call it. This one study programme will give you a qualification that can be equivalent to up to three A levels (Level 3). No option is better than the other, it entirely depends on you and your goals.

What it involves

College courses focus on vocational training - essentially learning through doing. You'll be required to complete work experience outside of college, you'll work in industry-standard facilities and focus on your next steps.

What's next?

Once you've completed your college course, the sky's the limit! Whether you want to go to university, into an apprenticeship, or straight into the workplace, the skills and experience you've gained will look awesome on any UCAS or job application.

Employment Route

Whether it's an apprenticeship or a traineeship, this is a great option for someone who knows what they want to do and just wants to get stuck in. They're also a good option for people who excel outside of traditional education and like to learn from others and experience things for themselves.

What it involves

Depending on which route you go down, you would be spending a large portion of your time employed by a company, working and being treated just like any other member of staff. The other portion of your time will be spent learning in college - as you're still studying for a qualification you know!

What's next?

These qualifications are designed to get you ready to continue life in the workplace. Whether that's with the current employer, or you progress into another role - if you want to get to work sooner rather than later, this is the pathway for you.

Sixth Form Route

A levels are a good choice for people who have a few different ideas of what they want to do, or maybe the job they want requires qualifications in a variety of subjects.

What it involves

When you study A levels, you will study three to four different subjects and will be required to complete a combination of exams and coursework. You could stay on at your current school to study A levels, or go to a dedicated Sixth Form.

What's next?

Just like college study programmes, what you do next is up to you, and all of it will be open to you. Whether you've got your sights on university, an apprenticeship, or going straight into employment, it all depends on your goals and ambitions. You may need to acquire additional work experience if you wish to go straight into employment.

What's the right choice for me?

This is completely up to you! No one can tell you what to do, but if you're struggling to decide which pathway would suit you best, we've put together a short quiz to suggest what could be a good option for you.